Privacy and Cookies Policy

What data we collect, and how we use it

I Fancy Dat (referred to as “Us”, “We”, or equivalent through the rest of this privacy and cookies policy) are the Data Controller for any data which you submit to us while you use our site.

The data we may collect, store, and use is as follows;

When you contact us by email, we will store the following information

  • Your email address.
  • Your name (as displayed in the “Sender” field.
  • The contents of your correspondence.

When you contact us by phone, we will store the following information

  • The phone number which you used to contact us.
  • Any other personal data given to us by you during the call.
  • A recording of the phone call.

I Fancy Dat acts as an affiliate to a number of online betting and casino websites who place advertisements on our page.

If you follow any of these affiliate links, an anonymised ID number will be generated through the tracking link for the sole purpose of calculating revenue due to I Fancy Dat as a result of your activity on that third party site. This ID number is stored by I Fancy Dat after generation, however the number is completely anonymous and therefore no personal data is stored at this point.

With your prior consent, we may use your email address to send you marketing which will be of interest to you, such as betting offers or news from any of our commercial partners. For a full list of brands currently being promoted at any point in time, please contact our Data Protection Officer (see the final section of this policy for details on how to do this). You can unsubscribe from any such marketing emails if you change your mind through the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of any email you receive, or by contacting us directly asking to change your contact preferences.

Please note that we do not share any of your personal data with any of our third-party commercial partners.

How long we store your data for, and where we store it

Your data is stored by I Fancy Dat for a period of 6 Months after you have recorded no further interaction with our website (for example, if you have not followed any affiliate links on the site, or if you have opted-out of receiving marketing). After this point, all information we hold about you is automatically deleted.If you wish to erase your data sooner than this point, you may contact our Data Protection Officer (see the final section of this policy for details of how to do this) who will arrange for earlier deletion of data where suitable.

We store your data on remote servers and cloud environments which are in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and the United Kingdom Data Protection Act (2019).


Our website uses small text files, commonly known as ‘cookies’ to increase performance of the website, analyse user behaviour, or allow for certain functions of the website to perform correctly and improve user experience.

The cookies we use on the site, and the reasoning behind their use, are as follows;

  • _gid

This is a Google-installed cookie which tracks user behaviour, which expires after 24 hours of inactivity.

  • _ga

This cookie allows for identification of individual users by assigning a random (and therefore, completely anonymised) number as an identifier. We use this cookie to track how many visitors the site has, and the average session length of users.

Please be aware that, depending on your browser, the above cookies may vary in name, however the principles behind their usage will remain unchanged.

No personal data is collected about you through the use of cookies on the site.

If you wish to block or delete any cookies on your device, you can visit your cookie settings (and delete any which you wish to remove) through the privacy settings menu of your web browser.

Your rights as a Data Subject, and how to contact Us

If you have any queries about how we handle your data, please contact us, addressing your email “For the attention of the Data Protection Officer.”

You have the right to request deletion of your data at any point through the Data Protection Officer, which will result in I Fancy Dat removing your details from our database, and ceasing any future processing (unless instructed by you to recommence that processing).In the event of a deletion request, I Fancy Dat will only retain any data which we are required to withhold to comply with any legal requirements which may be applicable. In this event, we will contact you directly confirming what data has been withheld, and on what grounds.

You have the right at any point to submit a Subject Access Request (SAR) to the Data Controller, where I Fancy Dat will provide you with all requested information within one month of receiving the request.

To file a SAR, please contact the Data Controller with the following information;

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact telephone number
  • Which specific information you are requesting

Please note that you are only able to submit a SAR in relation to your personal data. You are unable to submit a SAR requesting the information of another site user, even if you have their consent to do so.

SAR’s are free to lodge, however in the event of SAR’s being excessive, repetitive, or unfounded, I Fancy Dat reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee solely to cover administrative costs involved in the completion of the request, up to a maximum of £10.

If you have any complaint or concern about how I Fancy Dat have handled your data, and you have been unable to resolve this concern after contacting the Data Protection Officer, you can refer your complaint to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). The ICO are the United Kingdom authority enforcing all applicable data protection rules in the jurisdiction, and we will comply fully with any ICO investigation or judgement made.

This privacy and cookies policy is correct as of 08/01/2020