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Online betting has become extremely popular in the internet age and there is more variety than ever when choosing your wager. People are no longer restricted to the bookies when it comes to placing bets, as there is a variety of third-party software that can help craft the perfect bet.

“I Fancy Dat follows in that vein, though offers a completely different take on traditional odds checking sites.”


Prospective punters have their own ways of thinking when it comes to placing a bet. From the tacticians, who trawl through the stats in an attempt to calculate the eventual winner, to the long-shots, who will back the underdog every time.

However, no matter which you are, there will always be an exception to your rules. Maybe you’ve taken a shine to a particular team in the league or found a horse that has the same name as a beloved family pet. Whatever it is, sometimes you just get an inkling over a certain betting option.

Generally speaking, this is a very organic thing; you’re looking at a market and something catches your eye.

“With I Fancy Dat, you can actively search for any bet that includes terms that might be significant to you. It’s a completely new concept in the world of online gambling and can add an exciting dimension to your current betting.”


The idea of I Fancy Dat is very easy to get your head around and even simpler to put into practice. Simply enter whatever it is that tickles your fancy into our site or app and we will generate every available betting option that relates to those specific terms. Our patented software allows users to search for a bet using any term that means something to them.

For example, say you have a dog called Rex, if you input that name into our app, it will return any markets that include options with the term ‘Rex’. This could be a horse or rider for the races, or a football player. You can even go broader than that and filter by colour, which will return a list of jockeys wearing that shade on their silks.

Another way you can use I Fancy Dat is by number, so if you have a specific set of digits that you consider lucky, then they can be used to filter and deliver matching bets. This could be a kit number or a stall position in a race. Our application offers unparalleled choice in this regard.

Once you’ve chosen a selection, you can then save the number, colour or term for future use.

“We will send you alerts every time the term in question is available for another market, so you never miss out.”